Monday, January 6, 2014


Excited to try and get this blog going again. Mainly, for me and Clint. We love looking back on post and seeing our babies and what our life was like. 

We had a great Christmss and we're ready for the new year. Excited to see what 2014 will hold. Here is some info our own babis. 

Sawyer: Getting pretty smart. A few days a week I try and do "school" with her. My goal for the year was to teach her all the alaphbet. We are on letter O and she is doing great. I love that time with her. She calls me "teacher mommy." Clint and I have realized that Sawyer has been not obeying the first time we ask her to do something and she is having some attitude problems. Telling us to not talk to her and bossing us around. This has been going on for a few months now but for some reason we have been letting it slid. Well we are really cracking down now. It has been hard but we are praying she will see that we love her and find joy in obeying us the first time with a happy heart. We were reconciling with her tonight and Clint said, "Let's do a family hug" Sawyer looked up at him and said, "but bubbas isn't here" So precious. He was alreayd asleep. This girl loves her bubbas. She is so good to him. Shares, gives him hugs and kisses, tells me when he is getting into trouble...everything a big sister should do. Praying she always loves him and watches out for him. 

Jameson: Oh boy! He is 14 months old and a little stinker. Still not walking but pushing anything he can around and has stood on his own a few times. He makes he patient that is for sure. He loves for me to hold him still. If his sissy is around he will play pretty well with her. But if me and Sawyer are doing something, he has to be right there with us. I try to remind myself that one day he wont want me to hold him all the time or even hug and kiss him =( So I try to love on this boy as much as I can now. He is back in forth on 1 to 2 naps. Some days I still give him a morning nap and other days I stretch him and keep him up for just his afternoon nap...those days are long and hard. He is a pretty good eater, not as good as Sawyer was/is but good. He has his favorite things thats for sure. He loves much fruit, especially bananas. That boy can shove them down. He likes turkey and chicken and ate shrimp tonight. He likes most cooked veggies, but he will let you know if he doesn't like something. I'm constantly picking food off the floor =) 

I'll post some pictures soon. 


  1. love the update! good catching up with you yesterday. love and miss you friend! lets chat soon!

  2. Thanks for the Christmas card. I appreciate the update as a way to stay connected to my Philly Loved ones.